central africa

Some 500 refugees from the Central African Republic have been repatriated voluntarily to their country this Wednesday during a ceremony presided at by Cameroons  minister of territorial administration Paul Atanga Nji alongside the Central African Republics minister of humanitarian action and reconciliation Virginie Baikoua under the watchful gaze of the UNHCRs regional manager for central and West Africa Milicent Mutuli.

This exercise comes in accordance with a tripartite agreement signed on June 30 between the above parties for the return of over 4000 Central African refugees in Cameroon who are said to be fleeing the armed conflict that gripped their country perpetrated by the Seleka rebel.

The rest are expected to return to the Central African Republic by the end of the year with an estimated 400 000 of them residing in Cameroon.

The landlocked country, bordered by Chad, Sudan, Congo and Cameroon has witnessed fierce fighting between the Muslim Seleka and the Christian anti-Balaka rebels for the past six years. It has forced nearly half of country’s population, to migrate and depend on the humanitarian assistance, according to the U