Scores of Cameroon Renaissance Movement militants have been arrested in yaounde today.

The militants of the MRC party of Proffessor Maurice Kamto were answering present to a banned March pass by administrative authorities claiming it will disturb the peace of locals.

The match pass announced by the parties leader was said to be a venue where their plans on the upcoming 2020 elections will be discussed as well as the release of Kamto from prison.

These supporters where met by forces of law and order at onmisport the venue of the said meeting where most of them were arrested with a balancesheet of those taken into custody yet to be made public.

The party house in yaounde was also put under surveillance as well as the residence of Kamto.

this meeting comes days after the one in Ebolowa was banned but the party has another meeting scheduled for the 9th of November in the countries economic capital Douala.