Cameroon:Ministers Response to Demands of Striking Lecturers in Yaounde.

The Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo during a press conference on Tuesday December 17, 2019 in Yaounde shed light on the criteria selection for the recent recruitment of 1,237 lecturers.
He was responding to dozens of unemployed PhD holders on a sit-down-strike at the esplanade of his office.
”We avoided injustice, and did all to recruit those who merited it. I acknowledge that there could be errors, and I have taken the responsibility to verify that. All recruits found to have duplicated applications, presented fake documents or Masters holders who applied awaiting defense will be excluded . I also ask you to petition the President of the Recruitment committee with regards to the change of the age limit. It is not within my powers “. Jacques Fame Ndongo said.
Due to the additional list, the Minister says that the initial number of PhD holders to be recruited can only be increased by the President of the Republic.
According to the Jacques Fame Ndongo, the recruitment exercise was objective with all regions duly represented.
The recruitment figures presented by the Minister are as follows;
– 1888 Applicants
– 1237 retained
– 909 Not recruited
– 287 Recruits from other Ministries
– 46 recruits from the Diaspora

Regional representation
– Adamawa- 30, 2.4%
– Centre- 272 , 2.1%
– Far North-91, 7.3%
– East – 21, 1.7%
– Littoral-86, 6.9%
– North – 20 , 1.6%
– North West- 152, 12.2%
– West – 437, 35.2%
– South – 67 , 5.4%
– South West -66, 5.3%
Note that, the Cameroonian government has disclosed that a second contingent of 500 State University lecturers will be recruited come January 2020 in the side-line of the recruitment exercise of 2000 lecturers into State Universities.

By Subiru Madina