Emmanuel Lohkoko Awoh fell into the hands of Cameroon forces of law and order at the Yaoundé-Nsimalen international airport.

Emmanuel Lohkoko Awoh is one of the formidable leaders of the Southern Cameroon independence struggle. The crisis has threatened the security of Cameroon since 2016, especially the North West and South

West regions. His inquiry is the happy outcome of long-term work for several months.

According to information, the unfortunate activist was preparing to rally his stronghold under the guise of a nominee. The Objective, go and reorganize the rebellion, off-center and weakened by the defense and

security forces in the NOSO regions.

Aim of Emmanuel Lohkoko’s mission in NOSO

The first information leaked from his hearing yesterday at the State Secretariat for Defense. The leaked information suggests that his stay in Cameroon was motivated by a very specific program. To renew certain

contacts in the political and economic capitals (Yaounde and Douala respectively) of the country question of redesigning the independence struggle after the arrest of some of his co-activists. According to a voluble

police officer on the question argues that: “these contacts were to enable him to recover the weapons which the rebellion acquired in the West, on the border with Nigeria”.

Thus, through new recruitments, he was mandated to stir up the now weak and delicate flame of this armed struggle. Indeed, Emmanuel Lohkoko Awoh, is now joining Julius Ayuk Tabe, Mancho Bibixy and several

other separatist leaders in prison.