Cameroon: witchcraft – a student killed in her sleep by a mysterious boa snake in Nkongsamba

Witchcraft: a student killed in her sleep by a mysterious boa snake in Nkongsamba.

The mother of the deceased, after being informed of her daughter’s death, accuses her ex-husband.

Prisca, a student at Lonako High School in Nkongsamba, died on Monday December 09, 2019 without being sick. According to, the deceased went to bed after studying her lessons. A few hours later, her moaning on the bed attracts her younger

sister’s attention, which she immediately alert the family.

Father of deceased falsely accused.

When asked, Prisca said that she is fighting against a big snake. A fight that had considerably weakened the girl to the point that she could

no longer express herself. She was rushed to hospital and died in the early hours of the morning.

The mother of the deceased, after getting the information on her daughter’s death, accuses her ex-husband, who is Prisca’s father. This is

how she then seized the judicial authorities who immediately proceeded to the arrest. Then the police custody of the family head as well as

the body seal for investigative purposes.

Incantations and invocations

The paternal family, furious at being unjustly accused, call the community leaders for rescue. It is then suggested to both parties to turn to

the oracles. This is how they attend a ritual made of invocation incantations of all kinds. In the end, the masters of mystical dance in the

West Region discovered the culprit behind Prisca’s death. “We are all here before the sacred fire of the ancestors. The fire of truth, and of

wisdom. The ax in there is as red as the hot embers. However, anyone who is innocent will have no fear of seizing it. I will start with myself,

then I will hand over the ax to all those accused of the death of this child. Said the practioner.

By Subiru Madina