Pre Elections Litigations begins in Cameroon

The hearings of pre electoral litigations have begun today in Cameroon with a plethora of parties posing their various challenges and trying to see that their list is admissible for their candidates to run for the upcoming

municipal and legislative elections.

In the littoral region over 50 litigations are being examined from over 8 political parties as their representatives explains “we have introduced a litigation for most of our lists notably that of the PCRN for Yabassi which

was attacked by the CPDM party with claims that the person heading the list is not a Cameroonian something which is false and we have produced a certificate of nationality to prove that he is Cameroonian” a

representative of the party told us.

Meanwhile for the SDF party they are here to check the rectifications to be made on their list for the Douala 3 council.

The UMS party of Pirerre Kwemo is not also left out as his team is present on site to make their case which had to do with administrative bottlenecks.

“ELECAM rejected our list because of the lack of some documents and we are here to present our case so that our list can be accepted they said we should produce some documents like a residence certificate and

like you know its signed by the divisional officer and at the time we had to sign it he wasn’t on sit and no signature was gotten.”Abdoulaziz said.

Their wish as this process begins is to ensure that all the errors recorded on their lists is corrected so their candidates can be able to run for public offices come February 9 2020.

Criticism of ELECAM

A major criticism of the Elections Cameroon is that eleven (11) of its twelve (12) board members are members of the central committee and political bureau of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM, the

ruling party in Cameroon, all appointed by Cameroon government.

This move to control ownership of ELECAM is seen by many to wash away ELECAM’s credibility as its makes the body both a player and referee at the same place and time.

By John Paul Sama