Cameroonians are expecting their president, Paul Biya to address the nation in the evening of May 19 as he does annually.

At any given circumstance as required, the president can address the nation.

But for now many Cameroonian compatriots await his national address on May 19.

The president of the republic is particularly said to be a very quiet statesman.

Actu Cameroun in its April 27 edition reveals or predict the appearance of the president in addressing the nation.

“It is common knowledge that N’nom N’gui addresses its fellow citizens twice a year, and communicates with it once a year.

Regarding the presidential messages, it is traditionally on February 10 and December 31, in the evening at 8 p.m., that Paul Biya has an appointment with his people”, the paper reads.

President Biya therefore addresses the youths in his country every February 11.

While at the end of year every December 31, he presents his best wishes for the new year to the entire nation, while also taking  stock of the ending year.

To that effect, “to think that the head of state will speak on May 19 in the evening would be a surprise if not to say the impossible. It’s like going for avocados on a mango tree or mangoes on an avocado tree”, the paper reads again.

May 20 is the only day the president communicates with his people.

This is done firstly through the parade of Security and Defense forces, school youths, and political parties.

Later he the communicate in a reception at the Unity Palace with all the state bodies and even the ordinary Cameroonian.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the president ordered the cancellation of the public celebration of May 20 even, as a measure to observe social distancing.

Nevertheless, despite the cancellation, will the president still address his Cameroonian citizens as an annual tradition?

Will there be a surprise to Cameroonians?