According to Le Point Hebdo , the MRC party president  has been suspected for months of having depraved relations with the BAS. 

Pr. Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party could return to prison in the next few days. This is what Le Point Hebdo says in its Tuesday, February 4, 2020 edition:  Maurice Kamto: “Wanted”.  The front page of the newspaper quotes notes from the Cameroonian secret services.

Depraved relations with BAS

According to the sources, the president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) is going to return to prison for various reasons: He has already mortgaged his moments of freedom and is suspected for months of maintaining incestuous relations with the Anti-sardinard brigade (BAS). As well as with the circles which finance the secessionist movement in Cameroon.

“He reinforced this opinion during his meeting held in Paris on February 1. Justice could irreparably follow him in the coming days . ” Writes  Le Point Hebdo  using information drawn from a good source.

Actions of the BAS

This probable arrest of the CRM president  is not without meaning. In December 2019, the American branch of BAS already launched the alert. Revealing that there is a tied secret plan is underway to bring down Maurice Kamto.  “… Colonel Bamkoui Joël Emile is fomenting a montage worthy of Hollywood. In order to once again arrest the president-elect Prof. Maurice Kamto ” . Disclosed BAS in a press release published on December 03, 2019 on its Facebook page.

Colonel Bamkoui Joël Emile’s plan is simple, and then attested BAS: Bringing weapons of mass destruction across the border with Chad. Then, arrest individuals and with creat media attention (CRTV, Vision 4), receive confessions from prepaid individuals.

BAS has promised to hold Paul Biya “personally” responsible if anything happens to Maurice Kamto. ”  We tell him that he becomes persona non grata outside Cameroon. We will track it down to its most distant entrenchment…. Even to hell if necessary,  “warned BAS by addressing Colonel Bamkoui.