While Cameroonians are distracted with the Anglophone Crisis and Covid-19, Etoudi is busy finding a successor to the President.


On June 1,2020 Maurice Kamto called for vigilance; calling all Cameroonians to be ready to demonstrate against any succession without election.

A journalist and whistleblower has been revealing secret happenings in the Etoudi Unity Palace, as plans are being made to replace the president of the Republic.

One of these major plan contemplates between Emmanuel Sadi and Franck Emmanuel Biya as to who is the favourite to replace the president.

It also reveals the appointment of Joseph Owona into the Constitutional Council as a plan to replace Clement Atangana who will soon resign as the president of Constitutional Council.

Let’s read this text by the journalist and whistleblower Boris Bertolt:

This is what the whistle blower reveals:


In his confinement and his silence, Paul Biya is already preparing his succession which in his logic should be an over-the-counter operation as was the case in Togo and Gabon where the fathers EYADEMA and Bongo had created the conditions for the living accession of their children to the supreme magistracy.

If the name of Franck Emmanuel Biya returns more and more, he who to his relatives has often confessed not to be interested but his recent appearances and his growing influence in the corridors of the Republic are starting to raise questions.

But, a man has appeared in recent weeks in the networks of the Republic: René Emmanuel Sadi. For several caciques of the Republic, in the event of a vacancy in power, he would make the best choice. He who was recommended to Paul Biya by Ahmadou Ahidjo and who spent almost 20 years as President of the Republic as diplomatic advisor and the man of secret missions.

But we also remember that his passage to the ministry of territorial administration was catastrophic. However for the hawks of the regime, its proximity to the Nnanga Eboko is the area of ​​origin of Chantal Biya and its links with the far north and the Center make it an alternative.

Nothing surprising in the background. Because in 2016, Maurice Kamto denouncing the maneuvers of René Sadi to prevent him from carrying out his political activities said that during his meeting with Emmanuel Sadi, who was at the time Minister of Territorial Administration, the latter already gave the impression of being a man who had been promised the succession of Paul Biya.

For this, the constitutional amendment planned for several years could intervene during this parliamentary session of June 2020. A post of vice president will be created and could return to Frank Biya or Emmanuel Sadi. In another case, the two will first be put in the fridge until Biya, tired, judges the opportunity. But it is after this change that the government reshuffle blocked by COVID could also take place 19.

In this strategy there is also a resignation of the current president of the Constitutional Court, Clément Atangana who is deemed old, weak and not very competent. His handling of the debates at the constitutional court in October 2018 was not appreciated by the regime’s hawks. He should be replaced by Joseph Owona, deemed more efficient and better equipped.

However in this strategy orchestrated by the deep state (the deep state) there is behind the scenes a desire to prevent the first hours of the transition from being managed by a national from the Far North.

Because Niat Njifendji, the current president of the sick Senate, it is the 1st Vice president of the Senate who is in pole position to manage the transition in case of resignation of Paul Biya or vacations of power.

This first vice president is the lamido of Rey Bouba: Aboubakary Abdoulaye who is the man to dismiss. Hence in part the determination to quickly put a post of vice president to prevent Aboubakary Abdoulaye from playing any role in a transition.

In reality even in the system currently everyone