Issa Tchiroma: “The responsibility of the Minister of Communication is to defend the Nation”.

Thesis defended on Sunday February 05, 2019 on the set of Equinox television, a private channel broadcasting from Douala in Cameroon.

The former “spokesperson” of the Cameroonian government has not been in the spotlight for a long time. This, since his departure from the Ministry of Communication on January 4, 2020, following a cabinet reshuffle.

Well, this Sunday, Issa Tchiroma, came out of his deep sleep at the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training to respond to an invitation from Equinox Television.

During Sunday’s program, which has become a tradition, he looks back at his time at the Ministry of Communication. According to him, “the responsibility of the Minister of Communication, spokesman for the

government, is to defend the nation, whatever it costs and whatever happens,” defends the latter. He returned to the case of the seven Cameroonian soldiers who were prosecuted at the Military Tribunal. This was for

the assassination of two women and their children in the far north of Cameroon.

Defense forces.

Already in his time, as government spokesperson, Issa Tchiroma denied the facts. Subsequently, following an investigation by the Head of State, he reversed his position. During the show, he indicates that he can do

it again, if the opportunity arises again. “My responsibility was to defend the sacrifice made by our defense and security forces, whatever it cost me.”He did not fail to settle his scores. In particular, with part of the

press, which he describes as “enemies of Cameroon. It returned to us that many journalists are in pharmacies in the service of predators whose object is to sow trouble in Cameroon in order to take control of our

fortune… There are journalists who have been recruited to manipulate, to misinform, intoxicate and who are at the service of pharmacies manipulated from the outside,” he concludes.

By Subiru M.