Summarizing the general political activities of Cameroon for 2019

The year 2019 has been marked by a lot of events that all stood out in the political life of Cameroon as we highlight some of the major

events of 2019 a few days to the end of the year.

MRC IN 2019

Maurice Kamto will certainly have been the most pronounced name in 2019 of all the political news in the last 12 months in the political life

of Cameroon. He and his party members made headline news all around 2019 with post-electoral demonstrations which saw hundreds of

Cameroon Rennaisance Movement militants arrested and put behind bars for well over 8 months including the parties leader and some top

executives of the political movement as they were still claiming victory over the 8 October presidential elections of 2018 which saw Paul

Biya winning another mandate. Their protest match was held under the banner of “no to electoral hold up” which took place in some major

streets in the country.

Over 8 months in prison, the self-acclaimed winner of the 2018 presidential elections was finally released following a presidential decree

alongside hundreds of those arrested in protests across the national territory including barrister Michel Ndoki, Albert Dzongang and a

a handful of his followers.

These demonstrations didn’t only take place in Cameroon but also in other countries where the Cameroon embassy in France was torn

upside down by so-called pro-Kamto supporters.

The Major National Dialogue

October 8 was somewhat of a historic date in the country as the major national dialogue called by the president of the republic was held in

Yaoundé with hundreds of participants chaired by the new prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute with this message from the president after the

proceedings wrapped up a few days later.

My dear compatriots,

The Major National Dialogue that has just ended in Yaounde afforded you the opportunity to reaffirm once more your attachment to peace

and concord in your country, as well as its unity and progress.

I would like to congratulate and thank you very sincerely for that.

Your rich and diverse contributions were very useful. Some of them inspired the recommendations made at the end of the Dialogue.

I can assure you that all of them will be considered attentively and diligently with a view to implementing them, taking into account their

relevance and feasibility, as well as the capacities of our country.

Long live Cameroon.

Municipal And Legislative Elections Called For 2020 In 2019

In a decree published on 10 November 2019, Paul Biya, president of Cameroon, summoned the Cameroonian electorate for a double vote,

on 9 February 2019, aimed at electing town councilors for the country’s 360 municipalities and 180 deputies for the National Assembly.

After being postponed twice the 2020 twin elections were finally programmed for February 9 in a context were the Anglophone crisis

deepens in the North West and South West Regions.

Cabinet Reshuffle

On January 5, 2019, the head of state Paul Biya appointed Joseph Dion Ngute as the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon

replacing Philemon Yang. Before his appointment, Joseph Dion Ngute was serving as Minister of special duties at the Presidency of the

Republic since March 2, 2018, when he was appointed.

I and Ketcha Cortesse taking over the ministries of public health and urban development respectively while others were moved to different

ministries the case of Bidoung Nkpwat from sports to culture with most sacked form the government.

By John Paul Sama