The chief of Minkan accuses opinions on social network for misunderstanding his words.


There was a video early last week circulating over the social media, showing a village chief refusing COVID-19 donations from the head of state through the prefect of Mvila in the South region.

The chief who was embarrassed with the nature of the gift after travelling a long distance from his village to Ebolowa, told the prefect of Mvila, Marie Syliac Mvogo ” it does not interest me!”. 

The words immediately embarrassed the prefect who told the chief no one has the right to refuse gifts from the president of the republic.

Few days ago, the chief of Minkan village His Majesty Calvin Ango Banbang, made a “U” turn on his words, and denied having made such statements.

In a video recording in circulation on the web, he appears in a decor adorned with tinsel from the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM), where in his own words he was seen thanking the president of the republic for his magnanimity.

According to His Majesty Calvin Ango Banbang, he is a CPDM militant, and he will die a CPDM militant.

“ During the presentation of the donations that the Head of State had sent us, I gave a big thank you to these donations. We are overwhelmed with  COVID-19  which bothers us. I had no longer added the words that people comment from left to right. I’m still from the CPDM, and I’m going to die in the CPDM, because I support my President of the Republic”, says the chief.

Accordingly, by affiliating himself with the ruling party, he has freed himself from the consequences that would have accompanied his actions.