A video circulating over social network reveals some unknown rebels whose target is to oust Paul Biya from power.


Indeed, in a short amateur video that has gone viral on the web, we can see a group of armed rebels, in full preparation to, they say, overthrow the governing order in Cameroon.

Their main target Paul Biya, the man of November 6, 1982. They are angry with the latter, mainly for his longevity in power.

Dressed in military uniforms, similar to those of the Republican army, these rebels (ten), armed with Kalashnikovs, performed with their faces uncovered during military training. The dialect they use here is Fufulde, a language commonly spoken in the north. Enough to believe that the scene is happening in this part of the country.

One of them posing as the leader, suggests in the video that the precarious situation in which Paul Biya has plunged them is unbearable and that it is time to act to change the situation. They say they are ready for this fight.

Yaoundé has not yet reacted to what looks like another coup d’état against the Biya regime after the failed one of April 6, 1984.