The Bamenda university campus has prohibited motorcycles in the school premises. The decision comes from the civil administrator. The Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam Division, Emile Simon Mooh, who accuses motorcyclists of being indicators and are being paid by armed groups who kidnap teachers and students.

According to the Cameroon National-Radio, the SDO has, in a decree, defined and signed a security perimeter. This measure follows the many attacks recorded in the university zone. Abductions of teachers and students are frequently noted in this area, following incursions by armed groups “Motorcycles are no longer allowed to circulate within this security perimeter.

It is they who bring disorder by giving information on personnel who is later kidnapped and on the students who are permanently threatened “, one can read in the said prefectural decree.

The consequences of this decision within the Bamenda university campus are equally outlined as the mayor of Tubah municipality, located in the vicinity of the university campus, is responsible for making the site rented to his institution viable. As for traders, they must now be identified as well as teachers and students.

Students only enter the Bamenda university campus on the presentation of their student card. Teachers and staff should show security guards their business cards. Other officers working inside the university will also be identified.

Subiru Madina