Karen Bass of the United States Congress says Maurice Kamto is concerned about his safety

Maurice Kamto will return to Cameroon tomorrow Wednesday February 26, 2020. He has been out of the country on a democratic tour for a month.

On the eve of his return, the Cameroonian opponent “is concerned about his safety “, say Karen Bass, member of the U.S congress.

Karen Bass says she met with Maurice Kamto last month with whom they discussed democracy and human rights issues in Cameroon.

Death threat

“Democracy cannot survive under the threat of violence. I urge President Biya to grant Mr. Kamto the freedom to practice without fear of reprisals ”.  She said in a tweet.

In November, Kamto says he and two of his allies, as well as certain executives of his party were threatened to be killed.

“Reliable information indicates a plan for the physical elimination of the president-elect. Pr. Maurice Kamto, of two allies, Christian Penda Ekoka and Albert Dzongang. And of certain MRC executives, ”  revealed

Maurice Kamto.

Right in his boots

Despite the political intimidation and death threats he received, Kamto assured that he was not moved by the threats.

“The MRC, while taking national public opinion as witness to these threats of, wishes to say to the regime’s extremists who are both politicians and members of the security system that these threats have no impact on

its determination to offer a political alternative to Cameroonians ”.  Kamto added.

As a reminder, Kamto had mentioned the socio-political instability going on in Cameroon.

A very tense situation, marked in particular by the serious Anglophone crisis, which has, according to some NGOs, already more than 12,000 dead and thousands displaced.