Elites of the Grand North have come together to criticize the management of the Biya’s government. The union tagged ” League of the Grand North” expressed dissatisfaction against Biya and embracing Maurice Kamto.

The elites of the three northern regions of Cameroon have met to express their dissatisfaction against the Biya’s governmt.

Meeting together under the ” League of the Grand North”, they announce the termination of their pact with the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement(CPDM) of president Paul Biya.

These consist of elites from the Far North, North, and Adamawa regions.

They have met not just once but twice.

Their first meeting took place in February at the North regional metropolis in Garoua.

The second was held in Yaounde on March 28, 2020.

These sons and daughters of the grand north met to assess the impact of Biya’s 38 years of governance in their regions in particular and in Cameroon at large.

For the first time in several years, the sons and daughters of these regions decided to put their differences aside to come together.

It saw participation of people from different sectors; political, administrative, economic, and educational sectors.

Elite students from these regions were not left out.

Some former politicians, university teachers, senators, economic operators, students from these regions concealed their ideological differences.

They expressed their feelings of marginalization and discrimination against them.

“The discrimination is even more blatant in the Army, the Gendarmerie and the Police, where the number of conscripts knows a drastic reduction and programmed since the events of 1984. In these three bodies, the nationals of the Great North are less than 2%”, they indicated.

Withdrawal from the CPDM

The “League of Grand North” indicated they are terminating their relationship and political alliance with the CPDM party of president Paul Biya.

For the first time they have unanimously decided to collaborate with Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM).

They have above all to  “work for unconditional liberation of the First vice-president of the Mrc, Mamadou Mota, a valiant son of the North”.

A group of people from the league has been designated to discuss with the management team of the CRM party of Kamto.

This designated team consist of a former minister, an economic operator, a university teacher, and also a parliamentarian.

Will this league succeed to achieve what they have set? It is a question that keeps us focus in following their activities.