The Yaounde Administrative Court of First Instance passed a verdict on Georges Gilbert Baongla, the alleged eldest son of president Paul Biya.


On Wednesday June 10, 2020 the Yaounde Administrative Court of First Instance gave a sentence to Georges Gilbert Baongla, the alleged son of president Paul Biya.

The politician, publisher and Director of Le Démenti  newspaper was sentenced to two years imprisonment accompanied by a heavy fine of 25 million FCFA.

Georges Gilgert Baongla who present himself as the eldest son of Paul Biya was prosecuted for fraud and defamation following several complaints from different personalities.

Among the plaintiffs who sued George Gilbert Baongla is the influential and popular president and CEO of the private television Vision 4 Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga.

The judge finally arrived on the verdict after marathon of hearing of which George Gilbert Baongla was found guilty of all the charges against him.

As a reminder George Gilbert Baongla was arrested on May 29, 2019 in the Yaounde neighborhood of Etoa-Meki by the elements of the judicial police.

On June 3, 2020 he was taken to the Yaounde Kondengui prison until his final trial on Wednesday June 10, 2020. The politician who has always been very present in the Cameroonian media has always claimed his innocence.

He claims his arrest and and sentence is a plot. Since he was arrested in May last year, the Etoudi palace has been silence, voicing no word with regards to his arrest. Could it be his “father” is not aware of the legal proceedings against his “son”?

If his arrest is a conspiracy like he said, who could be behind it, and what would be the benefits?

George Gilbert Baongla has also claimed that he is the “eldest son” of president Paul Biya, something Cameroonians are never aware of.

Alleded son of Paul Biya

Georges Gilbert baonglaa "son" of Paul Biya