The man of God was buried without a coffin, his death still remains a mystery to many. Family and church members had to accept their pastor is no more.


Finally family and church members have accepted the fate that their father is no more.

It took several hours for them to accept the fate of life.

Hours of prayers were made at his Douala and Bafut residence when the information of his death was revealed.

To his church members he was on a spiritual retreat, expecting to return the following day.

After several hours of prayers, nothing was heard about his resurrection, he was gone. The force of law and order had to force their way to confiscate his corpse.

It was about 7:30 pm Cameroon time that the law enforcement officers together with health personnel made their way to bury the man of God at the Douala Kotto Bass cemetery.

There have contrary opinions as to the cause of the death of prophet Frank. Ever since he died in the early morning of  Saturday May 16, 2020, there has been contrary opinions about the actual cause of his death.

Some say he died of COVID-19, while others say he was poisoned. In an information circulating over the social media, an undisclosed church member who recognized the Man of God as his spiritual father narrated that Prophet Frank was poisoned.

The story narrated that the Man of God was called to Yaounde on Tuesday May 12, for a high level meeting with government officials which took place on Wednesday May 13.

It was after the meeting on his way back he began feeling unusual that he began.

According to the story the unidentified person narrated, the doctors had ruled out COVID-19 related cause to his health.

Family of prophet Frank have still not revealed to the public the exact cause of his death.