Cameroonian passport is losing its value, 29th position in Africa and 93rd position in the world

The content of a study carried out by the English firm Henley & Partners, an English consultancy for citizenship and world residence shows that the Cameroonian passport is losing its value.

The Cameroonian passport drops to 29th place tied on the African continent. 24th in 2019, it shares its rank in 2020 with Angola, Egypt, Burundi, and Liberia. In the world ranking, the Cameroonian passport is in 93rd

place in 2020, therefore loses 3 ranks compared to 2019.

This is the first drastic drop observed by the Cameroonian passport in three years. Indeed, in 2019, this travel document had gained 4 places. Going from 28th to 24th African rank, and eight places on the continental

scene (from 98th world rank in 2018 to 90th rank in 2019).

This study comes at a time of crisis which does not spare the national passport allocation system. In recent years, for example, the traditional deadlines (two weeks) for issuing passports have greatly extended. Some

applicants are forced to wait two months or even six months to be issued a passport.

The English cabinet justified this by the existence of a strongly close correlation between the freedom to travel and other types of freedoms from the economy to politics, and even individual while the General

Delegation for National Security (DGSN ), the body responsible for issuing passports, mentions the dysfunctions due to the ever increase in demand.

This creates shortages of boxes. As a reminder, on the African continent, the Seychelles passport (27th worldwide) is the most powerful. It is followed by the passport of Mauritania (31st in the world), and the passport

of South Africa (53rd in the world). Japan has the most powerful passport in the world. News aero reports that this passport provides access to 191 countries around the world.

To date, the passport is up for auction and is more accessible to those who can afford it.

By Subiru M.