The minister of Higher Education promise to launch the second phase of the recruitment of PhD holders

In order to calm the strikers, the second phase of recruitment of Lectures in universities announced by Minister Fame Ndongo.

The second phase of the recruitment of university teachers will resume as soon as possible. This is what the Minister of Higher Education announced.

In addition to recruitment, university rectors will be allowed to replace teachers who are absent from their posts with others who meet the required conditions.

The decision was made after a meeting of the Technical Committee for the operation of recruiting 2000 teachers with doctorates, PHDs or any other equivalent diploma. The meeting took place on Wednesday January

8, 2020.

In addition, in the note sanctioning the end of the meeting, clarifications on the first phase of recruitment were given. The rectors and the Vice-Chancellors took part in the meeting. 500 teachers for the 2nd phase

The first phase made it possible to recruit 1,237 teachers. It was in December 2019 that it took place. At the end of this first phase, some failed teachers had let out their anger. At least 150 teachers have initiated a

movement to denounce irregularities and demand their recruitment. In order to meet some of their requirements, Minister Fame Ndongo announced the imminent start of phase 2. It should concern 500 teachers.

Replacement operations.

In addition to the 500 teaching positions to be filled, the Minister also leaves the rectors free to make replacements. They may concern teachers who have died, been dismissed, who have resigned or who have

abandoned their posts. Substitutes must fulfill the required conditions.

By Subiru M.