In another video published, Brenda Biya requests for political asylum out of Cameroon as her life is in danger.


The daughter of president Paul Biya has been publishing videos on social media recently. In a  more recent video, Brenda Biya says some people in the presidency want to assassinate her.

She did not just say this, but according to Brenda Biya, they want to assassinate her right at the presidency. Indeed she sent a video to someone as an evidence saying that they want to assassinate her.

In a new video published by the explosive Brenda Biya, we see her undermining her bodyguard, who exhausted by the behavior of Brenda, lost his temper before recovering.

After having taken numerous videos previously of her section of the house scattered with TV and a couple of stuff broken, Brenda posts a message on Sc she sent to somebody revealing that they want to assassinate her at the presidency. She even sent those videos as a proof to back up her statement.

According to Brenda she has has been placed under illegal house detention, without access to anybody. In one of her videos she complaint about her health, without being able to see her doctor

Her recent actions on social media has attracted a lot of concern. It is still unknown to Cameroonians why the lady would be held against her will for several months without having access to anyone.

From her videos, it is clear she has not seen or heard from her dad for almost two months now.

Why would the daughter of Chantal Biya be neglected by her parents? Why isn’t her parents coming to her rescue?