Balance sheet of Cameroon’s socio-political, economic and security situation

Security challenges in the country has come under review during presentations made at the 2nd annual regional governors’ assembly in Yaounde, under the auspices of Paul Atanga Nji, Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration.

The presentations made, has exposed issues which can be referred to as ‘the good the bad and the ugly’. ‘The good’ is that, the general security situation of the country has largely improved nation-wide. Violence has abated in the NW and the SW Regions and the peace caravan dispatched by prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute to the Far North has resulted to more kids going to school in that part of the country as well as businesses that have regained steam. There haven’t been any attacks of rebel groups and armed gangs from the Central African Republic in the East Region this year and this has attracted more investors in that part of the country. Kidnappings for ransom has been reduced to the nearest minimum in the North and Adamawa regions, the sacrifices made by defence and security forces with the collaboration of the population has been credited for these achievements. The West Region is putting the recent landslide disaster in the past, as the dynamic populace head to their farms again, after prolonged rainfalls.

But registered as ‘the bad’, are cases of robbery and aggressions recorded in major towns and cities notably Douala, Yaounde and Bertoua with many of the criminals using the vibrant commercial bike sector to commit crimes. On ‘the ugly’ pages of the governors’ reports, are the pockets of resistance by separatists in the NW and SW Regions who continue and sometimes make incursions in neighbouring regions such as the West and Littoral. The trafficking of light weapons and drugs remain a cankerworm in the west region.

On his part, the interior minister, Paul Atanga Nji enjoined all political party leaders to respect all the laws governing the organisation of elections before, during and after the February 9th 2020 twin elections.

<<during this process, political parties have to be responsible… that is why I tell them that the local administrative authorities would have to appreciate and say if we can have public manifestations or not because before you hold any rally, one thing I certain that the local administrative authorities have to be sure that the political leader can control his militants and sympathisers…>>Territorial Administration Minister; Paul Atanga Nji

However, the common denominator from the ten regional governors’ reports is that despite the numerous challenges, Cameroon is on the move and Cameroonians in their widest majority, are willing to participate in the development of their country.

John Paul Sama