Cameroon: Senator Mbella Moki calls for withdrawal of Bilingualism bill

CPDM Senator Mbella Moki Charles has called for the withdrawal of the bill on the promotion of the two official languages of Cameroon on the basis that the piece of legislation has been poorly drafted.

Addressing the Minister of Culture as well as other members of the Upper House last week on the issue of the adoption of the piece of legislation.The former Mayor of Buea said voting for the adoption of the bill would

be at the expense of his own life.

Disclosing that the bill has been poorly drafted, he noted that it could radicalise even more separatists.

“Popular opinion now, today, amongst our populations of the North West and South West Regions believes that this bill is rather a poorly drafted piece of legislation, ‘wishy-washy’ as some may put it. The bill is

considered as intended to reignite the much talked about or what is commonly described today as the Anglophone problem…It truly betrays the very intentions to deny the people of the North West and South West

Regions the right to have English as an official working language and the right to practice the Common Law in their courts, which is what, sent lawyers to the streets in 2016 and led to the situation we are grappling

with today.” Senator Mbella Moki said.

“It is that same denial of the use of English as the language of instruction and practice of the English system of education in schools in the North West and South West regions that sent teachers on strike in 2016.

Many in our English speaking regions see this bill as a slap on our faces, which will go a long way in enriching the separatist arguments.” He further said

On the other hand, he mentioned that what the people so much await is the content of the special status recommended at the end of the Major National Dialogue.

“What the people of the North West and South West Regions await today, most anxiously…is the content of the Special Status proposed at the Major National Dialogue and highlighted by the Head of State. If

somebody is not disrespectful of the Head of State, why, why should you at this time, now, bring this piece of legislation? Why?” Mbella Moki questioned.

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