SDF in crisis as members split over list for upcoming twin elections

The Social Democratic front party members blames the party deputy chairman Joshua Osih for imposing a list of 14 Candidates which has not been approved by chairman John Fru Ndi.

With the euphoria surrounding the deadline of various party participants in the upcoming municipal and legislative elections come 2020, the Social Democratic Front stands at a tight corner few hours to the closing of the electoral candidatures as militants complain of an imposed list of 14 members by the party hierarchy.


Party members question the smooth flow of understanding between part chair man John Fru Ndi and Deputy chairman Joshua Osih as a list of 41 names was approved by Fru Ndi some weeks ago. They say it is a distraction on the electoral commission in the Douala 1 municipality.

After having threatened a non participation in the upcoming elections before due the political instabilities in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, party members still desire a list of representatives that will advance the ideologies of the party in the 2020 election.