In a telephone interview, Fru Ndi said “All I am fighting is Mr. Biya not, Maurice Kamto”.


In a telephone interview with Paddy Asanga, SDF activist, John Fru Ndi breaks the silence. According to the SDF Chairman, he is not in the United States for political Asylum.

Here is the interview conversation:

” Paddy Asanga (PA): Good evening, Mr. Chairman.

John Fru Ndi (JFN): Hello, sir .

PA:  Yes, here Padday Asanga, I’m calling from Germany. How are you ?

JFN:  Okay, I’m fine, Paddy. I spoke with you recently and you normally have a very good idea of ​​my state of health.

PA:  Yes, I just want to clear things up once and for all. There are political scavengers here who say that you are in the United States and that you requested political asylum and all that … What brought you to the United States, Mr. President?

 JFN:  It’s about my health.

If I wanted to apply for political asylum, I would do it directly from Cameroon. You remember that in 1992, when I was under house arrest, some ambassadors, including the German ambassador and the Belgian ambassador, came to see me to offer to grant me asylum in their respective countries, in order to get my family out, but given the number of Cameroonians who supported me, and thinking of my own school of thought, I couldn’t just get my immediate loved ones out and abandon the people who were behind me. Therefore, if I did not apply for asylum at the time, I cannot do so now.

Those who say these things, I don’t know what the SDF and Fru Ndi did to them, because before saying that I applied for asylum as they just did, a short time ago, we pointed out to me that in some circles they said I was dead. I have received more than ten calls from journalists to confirm that I am alive!

PA:  I also received these messages, it is quite regrettable that we have people who want to practice political manipulation by killing their opponent on social media, so I think that for that you do not have to worry, your mission is not over and the peace we now have in Cameroon is due to the fact that you refused to step on corpses to get to Etoudi. If they want to kill you on social media, it’s up to them to do it.

Nevertheless, Mr. President, what is the current situation? Some people seem to want to occupy the space you occupied: when can we expect to see you at home?

” All I am fighting is Mr. Biya, not Kamto. If people have entered politics to fight Fru Ndi, they fail before they have even started. 

JFN:  The political scene is very big, very big for people to occupy what they want to occupy.

It is not by killing Fru Ndi that they occupy space. First, I was embarrassed when I was told that some people were fighting to be the second, that Kamto was fighting to be the second! I say it’s stupid!

All I’m fighting is Mister Biya, not Kamto. If people have entered politics to fight Fru Ndi, they fail before they have even started because you are going to play politics with the program you want to run the country.

It is therefore unfortunate, and in all my political life, I never wished the death of someone, but those who wish me death, unfortunately, some of them died before me. It is therefore unfortunate, you do not wish the death of your adversary. You are trying to sell the democratic option, and if I can sell my program, the people who buy my program vote for me; but the program you want to sell is not a death program, and the program you sell is the program that should also take care of your opponent, your opponents.

“If they want asylum in America, I can give them the letters of recommendation for asylum.”

PA:  Very correct, Mr. President. I just wanted to clarify things. Let those who wish you death and who spread rumors that you are seeking asylum in America wait for you when the covi-19 pandemic is over and your health is stable. Am I right?

JFN:  You tell them that if they want asylum in America, I can give them the letters of recommendation for asylum.

PA:  OK, Mr. President, thank you very much and stay strong and we will always contact you when we think it is necessary, we need you alive and your experience, we need your blessings to continue the fight you you started to liberate Cameroon in the 1990s when you created the SDF. Thank you, Mr. President!

JFN:  I am a fervent believer in God, the Almighty Father and I know that God will call me back when he wants to call me back and not when someone wants me to go. It is very unfortunate that people entered politics to fight Fru Ndi and not the system. When they start to stand behind others and say they are fleeing, that they are dead, it means that they themselves have no program.

PA:  You said everything, Mr. President. We wish you good luck and hope to speak to you again very soon.

JFN:  OK, God bless you! Thank you for your attention.”