Disgruntled Cameroon PhD holders continue to strike at the Ministry of Higher Education against the corrupt recruitment process.

Some 222 disgruntled PhD lecturers who did not see their names on the first list of those recruited into State Universities have disclosed

they will continue their sit-in strike action at the Ministry of Higher education until the publication of an additional list including their names.

They expressed their desire after another unfruitful meeting with Cameroon’s Minister of State, Minister of Higher education, Prof Jacques

Fame Ndongo Tuesday, December 24, 2019.

After over two weeks of strike, the 222 lecturers convinced about their eligibility to this first stage of the Special Recruitment exercise have

disclosed that neither brutality nor intimidation or better still the hard sun will prevent them from continuing the strike if they are not


“He promised us that he will forward our complaint to the hierarchy and await their response. We have thus decided to wait for a concrete

response while we remain seated here at the Ministry of Higher education.” One of the disgruntled PhD lecturers said.

The unfortunate PhD lecturers who feel discriminated complain about the irregularities observed in the first recruitment stage.

According to them, some candidates were given two posts, some masters students were taken in, to name but these, at the expense of

true eligible candidates.

As such, they have asked for an additional list to be published wherein their names will be included or else they will not stop the strike.

On his part, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo who said it wasn’t left to him to take such a decision disclosed he will forward their complaints to

the Head of State.

(Source: Journal du Cameroun)