He is convicted of embezzlement of the sum of 9.1 billion FCFA

Another life sentence for Essimi Menye ! The fourth for the former Minister of Finance (MINFI). Accused of embezzlement of public funds, he was found guilty of having distracted the sum of 9.1 billion FCFA .

“ This Award fell in the absence of the respondent, declared to be on the run. 

In delivering their verdict on March 2, the judges found that the accused’s flight demonstrates that he has no arguments to make against the prosecution. 

In addition to the prison sentence, the former national treasurer is condemned to return to the treasury all the funds allegedly misappropriated “informs the newspaper Kalara of March 09, 2020.

As a reminder, the respondent was involved in two separate cases.

“Regarding  the first case, the public prosecutor explains in 2008, the accused then Minister Delegate to MINFI, allowed Salomon Ombe, his younger brother, who is now deceased, to acquire land from an area of ​​200

hectares with the liquidation of the former Cameroonian tobacco company (SCT) at the ridiculous price of FCFA 27.5 million instead of FCFA 200 million , the official price according to the mercurial price practiced

in the locality of Batschenga We read.

As for the second case “ Mr. Essimi Menye is accused of having signed an agreement on May 09, 2009 with Atlantic Bank, take over from Amity Bank. 

At that time the accused was Minister of Finance. In this agreement, the state undertook to inject 9 billion FCFA into Atlantic Bank in twelve semesters. 

This money guaranteed the savings of more than 30,000 Amity Bank customers and the collection was to be entrusted to the debt collection company.

 In December 2013, when Amity Bank went into liquidation, the state had already paid 1.3 billion FCFA in execution of the agreement but still had not received bad debts ”concludes the journal of Christophe



Source: Cameroon-Info.Net