The government communiqué was clearly not enough. In response to the words of activist Calibro Calibro and the revelations of President Emmanuel Macron, the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon also reacted.

In a press release broadcast on CRTV Radio this Monday, February 24, the Cameroonian Presidency hit the nail on the head.

The Cameroonian Presidency indeed totally rejects both the activist’s allegations and President Macron’s remarks.

Surprising words

“The Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon formally rejects both the false allegations of the activist and the surprising words of the President of the French Republic,” said the press release.

The note from the Cameroonian Presidency recalls that the Cameroonian people have reiterated their confidence in Paul Biya.

A little over a year ago, during the 2018 presidential election.

“The Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon would like to recall that the vast majority of Cameroonians have, during the presidential election of October 7, 2018, massively renewed their confidence in the President

of the Republic Paul Biya to guide them in the fight for peace, security, development, consolidation of the rule of law, democracy and national unity ” .

Paul Biya not an accountant before a foreign leader

Consequently, the press release continues, Paul Biya is accountable only to the Cameroonian people.

The press release also ensures that President Biya is fully determined to fulfill the mission entrusted to him by the people.

“The President of the Republic of Cameroon is accountable to the sole sovereign Cameroonian people and not to a foreign leader, even from a friendly country.

The President of the Republic is fully committed to the fulfillment of the heavy and exhilarating mission that Almighty God and the sovereign people have entrusted to him and does not need to do this from outside

pressures, “said the press release.

Paul Biya’s efforts to resolve the English-speaking crisis

The press release also returns to the initiatives of President Paul Biya for the settlement of the English-speaking crisis.

Paul Biya indeed recalls the holding of the Grand National Dialogue and the “progressive” implementation of the recommendations.

The press release also recalls the instructions of President Biya regarding the performance of the duties of the defense and security forces.

In fact, Paul Biya gave clear and firm instructions for professionally accomplished homework.

“Since the crisis occurred in the North West and South West regions, he has spared no effort to find peaceful solutions there.

These efforts culminated in the holding of the Grand National Dialogue, the recommendations of which are gradually being implemented.

The Head of State has given clear and firm instructions to ensure that the defense and security forces always perform their duties with professionalism and that the allegations of possible abuses are systematically

investigated and the where appropriate, appropriate sanctions, ”reads the press release.

The communiqué which bears the signature of the Minister of State, Secretary General of the Presidency reiterates an appeal launched by Paul Biya a few months ago.

It is aimed at “countries which harbor the promoters of hatred and violence in Cameroon”.

The press release also invites Cameroonians to keep calm. And it recalls the historical ties that unite Cameroon and France.

Historic friendship ties that exist between Cameroon and France

“The Presidency of the Republic reiterates the call launched on September 10, 2019 by the Head of State to the countries that harbor the promoters of hatred and violence in Cameroon to act against these criminals

and asks them to beware of let themselves be exploited by their false propaganda.

The Presidency of the Republic asks Cameroonians to keep calm, to go about their business quietly, to continue as in the past, to work to strengthen the historic ties of friendship that exist between Cameroon and

France, ”writes Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. He is the Minister of State Secretary General of the Presidency.


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