“President Paul Biya is tired, we must accompany him to go out through the front door”, says Abel Elimbi Lobe

The weekly Canal press program on the private “Canal 2 International” channel brought together, like every Sunday, politicians, media men and intellectuals to decipher the news of the week in Cameroon.

Taking part in the discussions, the former activist of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) spoke on the issues surrounding the President of the Republic. Abel Elimbi Lobe, the contender for the double ballot to be held

on February 9, 2020, has remained true to his vision of “objectively” opposing the opposition. Thus, he reveals, President Paul Biya is already at the twilight of his reign and, all Cameroonians must act in the direction

of getting him out through the front door.

“The president is tired, we must accompany him in his last moments. We have to tell the president, even though he has generally ruled in a bad way, we don’t hate him (…) It is because we want to remove the

president that we are not going to be objective when he does his job. We have to remove him, but in 2025 since he won the presidential election,” said the man who is also a high school teacher.

For Elimbi Lobe, the AfCON is an epiphenomenon

Ahmad Ahmad, CAF’s president, being announced in Cameroon on Monday, January 13 to coordinate a three-day inspection mission, the debate also focused on questions related to the organization of CHAN in a

few months and the AFCON next year. For Abel Elimbi Lobe, these sporting events are of no importance given the current situation in the country.

“We should not give events to people who promise to build infrastructure, but to those who have infrastructure. We reverse things. We must not bother the president with the organization of football matches, these are

epiphenomena,” he said on the subject.

By Subiru M.