Today October 3th  2019 minister secretary-general of the presidency signed a communique. The president of Cameroon has ordered the discontinue of procidence pending against 333 persons arrested for misdemeanors in connection with the ongoing crisis in the NW and SW of Cameroon.
October 2017, separatist leaders unilaterally declared the independence of the North West and southwest regions, and the formation of a new nation, Ambazonia. The following month, President Biya announced that Cameroon was under attack from terrorists and vowed to “eradicate these criminals.” The pace and scale of separatists’ attacks against security forces, government workers, and state institutions increased, especially following the arrest and deportation of 47 suspected secessionist activists from Nigeria in January 2018.
Violations by Government Forces
Human Rights Watch found that government forces responded to the growing separatist insurgency by carrying out abusive security operations against communities suspected of supporting secessionist groups. Security forces committed extrajudicial executions, used excessive force against civilians, tortured and abused suspected separatists and other detainees, and burned homes and other property in scores of villages.