Many Cameroonians call on president Paul Biya to appear on a live video.

After several weeks of silence, the president of the Republic of Cameroon, H.E Paul Biya resurfaces.

His eventual appearance came just few hours after opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) president Maurice Kamto wrote to the Constitution Council to declare the presidency vacant according to the constitution.

Some weeks back, there were videos on social media allegedly rumoring the death of Mr. Paul Biya.

Several Cameroonians before now had called on the president to address the nation given the current health crisis.

It is evident that the president understands the constitution of the country by presenting himself to the public after several weeks of silence.

Just before the 8:30pm news yesterday, the national television, CRTV broadcasted a meeting between president Paul Biya and French Ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Guilhou.

The meeting that took place yesterday Thursday April 12, 2020 at the Unity Palace has come under criticisms of photoshop from many Cameroonians.

To several Cameroonians, there is no correlation between the two videos broadcasted by the CRTV.

Some could identify differences in the color of the suit of the president, the color of the carpet, and the difference in the flowers seen in both videos.

Where is Paul Biya?

As a result, many are calling on the president of the Republic to appear in a live video broadcast.

This is will convince that the president is still alive, to contradict rumors of his death.

Many are asking questions. Why did the president not address the nation after several weeks of absence?.

Why the French Ambassador to Cameroon?

Could this be a calculated plan between the two countries, given the relationship existing between them?

With all these doubts and questions in the minds of Cameroonians, some find it difficult to believe the reality of video between the two diplomats.

Where is the president of Cameroon? Is he death or alive? Is he critically sick?

These are the questions Cameroonians ask themselves.