Only 20 requests in all were successful, on the evening of the loop of this phase of the electoral process, on January 21.

While several political parties had appealed to the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court; only a handful won the case last January 21, the evening of the end of the pre-electoral litigation phase of the municipal election of February 9, 2020.

“The administrative chamber of the Supreme Court completed this phase of the process electoral last Tuesday (January 21, 2020) by rejecting the majority of the requests received ”, affirms Cameroon Tribune in its edition of this January 23, 2020.

Cameroon Tribune specifies that:  “the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court received a total of 127 appeals, ie 63 appeals, and 64 appeals. Of the appeals, 62 were tried, while one case was removed from the roll. Of the latter cases, 61 were declared inadmissible, while there was a discontinuance. 

Regarding the appeals, as announced above, 20 out of 64 were successful, while 19 were classified as unjustified, while 3 were inadmissible and 17 were discontinued. The forfeiture was pronounced for non-filing of memorials within the 15 days prescribed time ”.

The less fortunate political parties before the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court are the SDF“who will not be able to take part in the electoral ballot in the electoral district of Yaoundé VI … For many irregularities noted in the candidacy files of the SDF”; the PURE,  “the appeal by Serge Matomba Hope to challenge the decision of the Administrative Tribunal of Yaounde, dismissing the list of the People Kingdom for Social Renovation retained by the Electoral Council to Kon-Yambetta was also said justified ”, informs the newspaper.

It is important to remember that the decisions rendered by the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court are final.