Former Supreme Court advocate Ayah Paul Abine supports Charlotte Dipanda who says Paul Biya has been in power for too long.


Charlotte Dipanda has been the center of controversy since she had the interview with Voice of America on May 22, 2020.

It was a rare case to hear the artist talk about politics, something she has ever been silence on. During the interview she made it known that she has known only one president in Cameroon from her childhood.

This prompted her to call for a political alternation at the head of the state, something triggered to be a new governance. According to her Cameroon will only develop when there is a new government.

This outing has the merit of having delivered the famous singer to wolves favorable to the Yaoundé regime , who challenge her political convictions because of her status as an artist. What does not suit at all the retired magistrate, Paul Ayah Abine.

Ayah Paul Abine defended Charlotte Dipanda on his Facebook page. The former Advocate General at the supreme court stood her her opinion despite the consequences she may suffer from the Yaounde regime.

“ Charlotte Dipanda was a superstar, dearly greeted, loved and acclaimed, when she sang for sports celebrations. Now that she has proclaimed the truth, now that the Holy Spirit has guided her, the demon tongues are angry and defamed, ” Ayah Paul stated.

The activist and former party president of the People Action Party (PAP) has always advocated for the rights of the people of English Cameroon.

Consequently, he had suffered several abuse from the government of Cameroon, for his position with the Anglophone Cameroonians.

Charlotte Dipanda has not spoken again on political affairs of Cameroon since her last interview.