Calm is said to have returned in Njombé , Moungo division, of the Littoral region after employees of the company Plantation du Haut-Penja (PHP),staged a strike action on 18 November  as workers of the institution  called for their income to be looked into as they say most of them have been cheated by the company after working for years with nothing to show for following some miscalculations done by the company.

Some of the workers said they had worked here for over 34 years and the company decided to give them 1 million fcfa while others who had not worked for a longer period of time were given an amount closer to that of theirs a situation which they couldn’t sit quiet and watch.

This return to calm is said to have been precipitated by the passage of the divisional officer of Njombe Penja , Abdul Aziz Kpoumie Njoya who had a heart to heart with the administrative staff of PHP with a compromise reached by all parties FOLLOWING 24 HOURS OF RIOTs which saw tear gas and police intervention to maintain law and order. Other unconfirmed sources are reporting 1 death with scores injured in the protest.