Peter Essoka condemns media who open a debate on Jean Michel Nintcheu walking on the CPDM fabric.

This is the main thing to remember from the press briefing given on February 3 in Yaoundé, by the president of the National Communication Council. The Head of the communication sector in Cameroon appreciates

the work of media professionals since the launch of the campaign for the local elections 2020.On Monday, February 3, the boss of the National Communication Council (NCC) gave a press conference in Yaounde. It is

about evaluating the work of media professionals one week before the campaign.

“First, I would like to congratulate the vast majority of the media for their relatively good performance during this first week of the electoral campaign. In general, the presenters of TV and Radio programs that show

more and more social responsibility, professionalism, despite the passionate nature of this campaign of legislative and municipal elections.” Outlines Peter Essoka, president of the National Communication Council.

During this exchange with media professionals, the NCC boss highlighted on the fact that certain topics are put on debate tables. “It is STV2 (television channel), Magic FM (urban radio)… which opened the debate on

a deputy from the SDF (Social Democratic Front), marching on the image of the national president of the CPDM party, who is President of the Republic , Paul Biya “.

According to Peter Essoka, the choice of topic by these media “is likely to arouse political hatred and therefore a conflicting reaction from the party victim of these abuses“. In this movement the NCC makes a strong

recommendation to journalists. He asked them “to avoid relaying any provocation likely to create unnecessary conflicts between Cameroonians during this very delicate period”.

By Subiru Madina