President Paul Biya enacted nine laws including that on the promotion of French and English the official languages of the country

The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya has signed and approved the law on the promotion of French and English as the official languages

in Cameroon.

The law gives magistrates the power and right to make judgments in the french language in the anglophone regions.

It also encourages state officials to speak french in the anglophone regions of Cameroon. And the law also provides a special status for the

North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

The was signed last night by the president on Christmas eve when the population of the country awaits to celebrate Christmas. The

president signed the bill at a time unexpected by so many.

Even though it is the legal process that after the lawmakers deliberated on a bill and accept it, the president has to sign the law. Many

many were expecting that the president was not going to approve the bills on the promotion of bilingualism and decentralization, especially

at a time such as this.

Among those against the decentralization bill is Cardinal Christian Tumi, who said decentralization is not what their committee proposed

during the Major National Dialogue.

Opposition parties like the Social Democratic Front, SDF, had objected decentralization saying it is a bill that can not solve the anglophone


According to the Social Democratic Party, as the government can not review key laws of the country, the government is trying to conceal

some problems, and that the bills have a lot that was not approved.

According to some people, since it is already a law, they wait to see the implementation process of the laws.