Paul Biya tells the youth he has created employment and education for them.

In his address to the youth, President Biya focused his talk on education and employment. The head of state is campaigning for better quality of education.

For him, this is the means by which the citizen becomes responsible and can access employment.

However, Paul Biya admits that the employment situation remains worrying in Cameroon.

“Young people with good education and training will naturally have the best chance of behaving as responsible citizens and finding employment. The latter problem remains a concern, especially for young people.

There is, for the moment, no match between demand and supply of jobs, “said Paul Biya in his address. The employment situation remains worrying despite the efforts made by the government. In fact, according to

the head of state, last year more than 500,000 jobs were created.

“The state and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training are doing everything they can to provide answers. The first by his recruitment in the public service and the army.

The second through the implementation of various employment assistance programs.

“But, it must be recognized that these efforts, even if they are appreciable, are not likely to solve a problem that stems from the fact that our economy does not create enough jobs.

Despite this handicap, we can however rejoice that, according to statistics, a little over 500,000 jobs were created last year in the modern sector of our economy, “argued Paul Biya.

For the President of the Republic, the current situation is “a result of the different crises”. They have taken place “over the past twenty years,” added Paul Biya.