Charlotte Dipanda join other Cameroonians to request a change in the presidency.“I admit that I only knew the current President”.


The famous Cameroonian artist Charlotte Dipanda thinks it is time for a change to occur at the head of state.

Charloote Dipanda has been silence when it comes to political matters of her country, but this time around she broke the law of silence to express her own opinion about the current regime.

She was guest on the program Vous + Nous on May 22, 2020 with a broadcast on the American channel Voice of America.

When asked by the presenter about a political alternation in Cameroon, Charlotte Dipanda did not hide her expression. She declared to the presenter the attitude that it is time to change.

Her words

”  Indeed, I really had the chance as a Cameroonian to go to several regions of Cameroon and it is an asset because Cameroonians inside the country do not travel much. So everyone stays in their region, in their city often where one is born, grows up. The others are often seen as if they were a bit of a stranger. Hence the name “Miniature Africa”. It is truly a country which from North to South is completely different. People have different postures, different cultures. Besides, we have more than 200 languages ​​in Cameroon. Hence the very difficulty for a Head of State to manage all these Cameroonians from all sides, different.But I admit that I, for example, only knew the current President. What would it be good for me to have another proposal, to think that this is another era that is inevitably over today and that we need to see what this country can bring to this youth which is different because it is a youth which is also open to the outside, which sees what is happening outside, which has a duty, in any case also hopes for its country. I think it is time that we were offered something else. It is time for Cameroon to develop. Because as long as there is no alternation, there is no real development possible. I think that the current state has come to the end of what it could offer to Cameroon and that, humbly, it would gain to give way to a new governance.“, Charlotte Dipanda said.