The debate of the transfer of power reveals another strategy opted by president Paul Biya.


The succession of power by mutual agreement at the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon has been debated upon for the past weeks. Maurice Kamto who had earlier called on Cameroonians to denounce any succession without election has opened up again to the public the new strategy of president Paul Biya.

According to Maurice Kamto Paul Biya would have changed strategy. The recent invitation of the French Ambassador to Cameroon Christophe Guilhou at the presidency reveals the discussion of a modification of the constitution of the country.

Things seems to have changed from the previous plans of the president. While previously looking at Franck Biya and Rene Emmanuel Sadi as prospective Vice Presidents, president Paul Biya seems to have changed his plans to favor the anglophones and the Northerners, by appointing people from these regions to the two posts of the Vice President.

Below is the details of what Maurice Kamto revealed:

“Paul Biya could postpone his project to modify the Constitution until later, which he discussed with the French ambassador, Christophe Guilhou during their very recent interview in Yaoundé at the presidential palace without however specifying the calendar of his intentions. Even if he may want to reassure the French of “his democratic intentions”, they themselves know that Paul Biya, the baker of Yaoundé does not have a man to whom to give the good Lord without confession.

Things have changed a lot and can still change. At first, while Franck Biya and René Sadi were approached as vice presidents, Paul Biya is thinking today rather of the establishment of two vice-president posts which he wished to entrust to the current Prime Minister Dion Ngute , which he receives regularly and whose combativeness he particularly appreciates, and to Minister Ibrahim Talba Malla, who nevertheless finds himself mired in a gigantic Sonara scandal to which we will return very soon. This equation allowed Paul Biya to solve part of the equation on the place of English speakers at the top of the state by having an English-speaking vice-president and a French-speaking vice-president.

In the process, Paul Biya had planned a tightening of his government followed by a major cabinet reshuffle with, again, a French-speaking prime minister in the person of Laurent Esso, the current Minister of Justice. The general secretariat of the presidency would have been headed by a new minister of state, Louis Paul Motaze; Paul Biya also wanted to innovate with a new Ministry of the Interior and Security overseeing the Police which would have fallen to the hawk Paul Atanga Nji while the ministry delegated to the Defense was to land in the hands of the governor Okalia Bilai, current governor of the South Where is.

Since Paul Biya received on his table in January 2020 a letter denouncing the calamitous management of financial and human resources of Mindef, Beti Assomo who builds a huge castle in the Golf district in Yaoundé has lost a lot of credits in his eyes. We will return very soon to the summit battles at Mindef which weaken the Cameroonian army.

One thing is certain, the expected constitutional amendment project even if it is postponed (however never trust the baker) will certainly give visibility to the true intentions of Paul Biya”