An extraordinary session of parliament called on the request of the head of state of Cameroon  as proceedings wrapped up at the assembly house

Last parliamentary session 2019

The last parliamentary session for the year 2019 has concluded in Yaoundé Cameroon with most of these parliamentarians haven taken part in their last session ahead of the February 9, 2020, municipal and legislative elections.

But the major talking points of the day was the extraordinary general assembly called by the head of state Paul Biya for this Friday whose agenda keeps everyone guessing at the moment.

This last parliamentary session provided an opportunity for the president of the national assembly in Cameroon honorable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril to pay homage to these men and women of the law while giving them some prescriptions as concerns this legislature.

He also used this November session to decry the poor state of roads infrastructures to which colossal sums of money where removed from the state coffers while calling the attention of members of government there present on the rate of corruption which exists in this sector.

The president of the national assembly Cameroon

He also seized this opportunity to Shaun hate speeches, and tribalistic tendencies push forth by some Cameroonians. He said the laws adopted on these issues will go a long way to solve these social vices which cause division amongst Cameroonians while rejoicing on the adoption of the law on the promotion of official languages which is till now contested by parliamentarians of the social democratic front party.

Parliamentary Sessions

  • Statutory session: At the beginning of the legislative period, the National Assembly shall meet in a statutory ordinary session on the second Tuesday following the proclamation of the parliamentary election results by the Constitutional Council.
  • Ordinary sessions: Each year, the National Assembly shall hold 3 (three) ordinary sessions, each lasting not more than 30 (thirty) days, in March, June, and November.
  • Extraordinary sessions: The National Assembly may, in accordance with the Constitution, meet in extraordinary session for not more than 15 (fifteen) days on a specific agenda at the request of the President of the Republic or of one-third of its members.

The extraordinary session shall wind up as soon as the agenda for which it was convened is exhausted.

By John Paul Sama