Over 1.4 Billion Francs For French Wine – Drinking Feast Set For Presidential Palace End-Of-Year Party.

The wine and whisky from France will be comsumed in a two-day-end-of-year event at state house. The latest in a long line of leaks

floating on social media that thoroughly embarass Paul Biya’s 37 year rule.

About 1 BILLION 500 million disbursed to pay mainly internationally, mainly to French companies champagnes, wines and other spirits for

the geastv by the presidency of the republic of Cameroon.

his document put on the web creates a wave of outrage on the part of national public opinion.

At a time when the country is under the influence of increased employment, we wonder if it is often not necessary to deprive yourself of a

day of water to make several cameroonian people live? Because how many companies can be created by this amount? How many jobs?

Remember that a few days ago, haemodialysis went on strike in douala and since this morning in yaoundé because there is a shortage of

of kits.

1.5 billion is 1000 drilling in the far north.

If we take an average of 1,4 billion a year for the purchase of drinks at the palais, it will be 51,8 billion in 37 years, the equivalent of 13

office computer, tablets and Smartphones in Ivory Coast. Let us remember that there are several other ceremonies in which cameroon also

invested money in alcohol.

The most striking thing about this mismanagement is that no local company benefits from this financial mane, everything is imported.

How can our industrial fabric be competitive when at the highest level the authorities can’t consume locally? With this how will we not be

the first champagne-consuming country in the world? So we prefer champagne for a few but not water for everyone…

It is a problem, however, for everyone to judge it very quickly.

Source: the voice