Members of Kingship International Ministries of Prophet Frank Ndifor goes on spiritual retreat to seek the face of God.


It is exactly one week now since Prophet Franklin Ndifor was anounced death. But it still remains unbelievable to his Christians that their pastor is dead.

Members of Kingship ministries and other christian denominations are still not convinced that he died of COVID-19, as concluded by medical professionals.

In a way to move forward with the work of God, Christians of Kingship International Ministries have been on a spiritual retreat to seek the face of God in their pain.

They seek God to give them answers for basically two things. Firstly they want to know exactly what caused the death of Prophet Frank, and secondly to get spiritual guidance from God on how to continue with the church.

Ever since Prophet Frank died, the church(Kingship International Ministries) has been silence, no official statement has been made.

According to the church authorities of Kingship Ministries, there have been different versions from different church members about the cause of Prophet Frank’s death. They speak on their own and not as representatives of the church.

Some said he died of COVID-19, while others said he was poisoned in Yaounde.

The church authorities have remained mute on this, and believe to have an answer after the retreat.