According to Prophet Frank’s wife, whatever hand is hidden behind her husband’s poisoning, God willed it.

The May 19 edition of 237actu reveals that prophet Frank was poisoned.

The argument of poisoning was advanced by members of Kingship International Ministries as the cause of prophet Frank’s death, something the wife also believes it.

“When he came back from the trip from Yaoundé, I came to greet him, I told him that it’s been a long time since I saw him, he told me that he has a stomach ache. He never had a stomach ache, ”one of the neighbors said.

“The situation was reported to the health delegation, the people from Bonassama arrived, after we only saw the police arriving. They chased the mom next to her husband, they did things without knowing that a neighbor upstairs there was filming. Soon we will know everything, ” the man added.

It remains unknown to neighbors why after having disinfected the house of a patient identified positive with COVID-19, medical team threw plastic gloves around at the detriment of the community and children.

“In the field, we counted three. We were told that the children picked up the other used gloves”, 237actu reports.

Christians of Kingship International Ministries wondered why they were not allowed to pray for their pastor.

“Why didn’t they let people pray for the pastor?” They know what they have done, ”alleges a lady.

“As for Melvis Afanwi, the pastor’s wife, we learn that she is currently on a spiritual retreat. According to members of Kingship International Ministries, whatever hand is hidden behind her husband’s poisoning, God willed it, she thinks”, 237actu reported.