Social Democratic Front, SDF Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam had enormously contributed to the political growth of the country and the SDF.

Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam was born on February 28, 1955 in Batibo, Momo Division, North West Region of Cameroon.

He attended did his primary education in Batibo.

From Batibo, with the desire to continue his education, he moved to Mamfe.

There in Mamfe he attended the Government Grammar School, where he obtained both Ordinary and Advance Level.

After high school, he moved to the University of Yaoundé where he studied Law. There, he obtained a Doctorat de troisième cycle in Private law.

With his law background, in 1990, he joined the Cameroon Bar Association as a full Advocate.

Since then he appeared in different courts, defending multiple cases.

At the introduction of the multi party system in Cameroon in 1990, Hon. Mbah Ndam joined the Social Democratic Front, SDF, when it was created in 1990.

He remained one of the formidable pillars of the Social Democratic Front, being a strategist and an inspirational figure that he was.

He was a member of the National Executive Committee NEC), and National Advisory Council (NAC) of the Social Democratic Front.

Hon. Mbah Ndam served as a Team Leader of the National Executive Committee for the North West and South West before he died.

In 1997, he expanded his political career by joining the Cameroon parliament after obtaining victory during the legislative election.

The National Assembly will always remember Mbah Ndam for the positions and responsibilities he held at the National Assembly.

In 2007, he was promoted to one of the Vice Speakers of the National Assembly, a position he held until 2020 after the February legislative election where he lost his seat to the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) party.

He also held responsibilities within some financial institutions. The Hon. was a board member of the National Financial Credit (NFC) bank and CCC PLC.

International recognition

Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam did not only serve the Cameroon government.

He will also be remembered for his international services.

Mbah Ndam was a member of the Commonwealth parliament, the Pan African Parliament, and also a member of the CEMAC Parliament.