Elections Cameroon Officials alongside the ministry of territorial administration is meeting to talk on means of ensuring a successful organization of the February 29 municipal and legislative elections given the security situation that reigns within the country.

Minister paul Atanga Nji told the media that Minat is assisting ELECAM as part of its duties and obligations on the part of the government.

This meeting attended by the board chair of ELECAM Enow Abraham Egbe and the bodies Director general Eric Essose was an opportunity for the 2 parties to do a routine evaluation to see if all that it takes to organize free and fair elections come next year is concerned.

They also use this to talk on the readiness of materials and the provision of security in a bid for them to carry out the work.
The electoral program has also been made public as of the:
-10 NOVEMBER 2019: convocation of the electoral Corp

-26 NOVEMBER 2019:deposition of candidacy

– 11 DÉCEMBRE 2019: publication of the list

-25 JANUARY 2020: launch of electoral campaigns

– 9 February 2020: the election of members of parliament and municipal councilors.

-17 and 18 February2020: vote counting

– 29 February 2020proclamation of results by the constitutional council

-10 MARS 2020: first general assembly for the newly elected MPs.