A twenty year old girl is said to have aborted an eight month old pregnancy with the help of her mother.

The pregnant girl whose name we got as Oteh Bridget left Bafoussam where she has been leaving to meet the mother in Kotto Nacthigal, in the Mbanga Sub division, Moungo Division of Littoral.

According to the report from the locals, she waited for the time when neighbours and other people had gone to the market, before took a drug to terminate the pregnancy.

According to the population in the locality, the girl buried the child when it was not declared dead.

Girl aborts 8 months pregnancy

But the mother and the girl denied the accusations and insisted that the child was already dead in the womb before it was aborted, and that there was no reason to have buried alive the child.

It is unknown to us who is responsible for the pregnancy.

Both the mother and the twenty year old girl are said to be under police custody in Mbanga for proper investigations.

This is not the first time such a thing is happening among young girls. A lot of young girls feel frustrated when abandoned and rejected after being impregnated by men.


We are also aware that during December a lot of such atrocities do take place, as many girls would want celebrate the festive periods without any form of interference.

Due to this many have engaged in abortion in order to look good and find new men for themselves.