2020 municipal and legislative elections; Paul Atanga Nji threatens “boycotters” at the first bi-annual conference of regional governors in Yaoundé.

Paul Atanga Nji has attacked the political parties that advocate the boycott of the 2020 legislative and municipal elections.

Indeed, he believes that this is anti-democratic and anti-republican behavior. The Minister of Territorial Administration says that the government will work out the muscles of the troublemakers during the election

campaign and election day.

“Boycotting an election is fighting development … it displays unconstitutional and anti-republican behavior.” Said the Minister of Territorial Administration.

Paul Atanga Nji has not gone through all four ways to denigrate the “boycotters” and even threaten those who take the initiative to want to disturb the municipal and legislative elections. “What is unacceptable and

intolerable is to say, for example, I will not go to the elections and I will do everything to prevent other Cameroonians from exercising their voting rights on election day. Faced with such retrograde and obscurantist

behavior, the muscles of the state will get under way,” he threatens.

Furthermore, he also said that there were few supporters of the boycott, “the reports I have received from the governors of the regions clearly demonstrate that those who advocate the boycott of the elections do not

even represent 0.0075% of the national electorate”. And finally he promises that the elections will be held throughout the national territory and for this he announces that special arrangements are made, more

particularly for the north-west and south-west regions” a device special and consistent security has already been deployed in the northwest and southwest and will remain there during and after the double ballot of

February 9, 2020 ”

By Subiru M.