Scandal in the recruitment of Ph.D. holders: “It could be that the computer is wrong”

“Is it a desire to tamper with, no! The computer may be wrong. We say for example Jacques Fame Ndongo. But if we put Fame Ndongo

Jacques, for the computer, it’s two different people.

These are the avatars of science. But it is afterward that we realize that there have been these dysfunctions” explained the Minister of

State, Minister of Higher Education (MINESUP), Jacques Fame Ndongo, during his press conference on Tuesday, December 17, 2019, in


Those were his arguments to clean his reputation in the face of accusations of tampering and favoritism in the process of recruiting 1,237

first university teachers with a doctorate or a Ph.D.

“If there are masters who have been recruited, if we have a formal proof of this, of course, we will take measures to exclude them from the

list,” explained MINESUP, while specifying that it is was not favoritism in order to distort the academic game. He later promised that the list

of lecturers recruited will be reviewed to correct any errors.

However, these explanations do not seem to have convinced members of the group of teachers whose names didn’t appear on the list,

more than 160 temporary teachers from the eight state universities who have been observing a strike since December 14 in the main

courtyard of the Ministry of Higher Education in Yaoundé have thus continued their sit-in after their meeting with the MINESUP. They

denounce what they consider to be tampering that surrounded the recruitment of the first wave of teachers.

By Subiru Madina.