Cameroon military personnel told to leave social media platforms or be sanctioned

Defense and Security forces in Cameron have been ordered to keep off social media platforms or be sanctioned.

In a correspondence by the secretary of state in charge of national gendarmerie ETOGA GALAX Yves Landry to all armed forces, he called on them to stop posting pictures and chatting on facebook, whatapp, Instagram or any other social media platform while on duty.

This is said to have been put in place to curb the number of violent acts carried out by some of them which later finds itself on the web and this is the second time the minister is sending out such a correspondence to his colleagues.

In the past few years images of acts committed by military’s officials have found their way on social media as well as official documents being leaked especially with the current instability that is rocking the country  with the anglophone crisis in the North West and South West Regions as well as the boko haram threat in the Far North and refugee crisis in the East.