The days of the Cameroon senate president are numbered as he was evacuated special flight to Switzerland for health complications.


The Cameroon Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji is at the moment not in Cameroon.

A very alarming situation about the state of his health conveyed through social networks reveals that Marcel Niat Njifenji was evacuated to Switzerland on Thursday, May 27, 2020 by a special flight.

His days are numbered due to the declining nature of his health.

Cameroon-Info.Net in their May 28 edition revealed that his cabinet attaché, Guy Merlain Ndjike , confided in their colleague Zéfirin Koloko, Director of publication of the weekly ” Avenir “, in the form of an update.

” HE the President of the Senate made a trip to Europe to carry out his traditional health visit. At the time of his departure from Cameroon, he presented no disturbing sign which certain languages ​​allude to. Like any citizen, he went there for his usual medical follow-up. All other information in circulation is only false “, Guy Merlain Ndjike declares.

It is evident he did not deny the news that his boss was evacuated for medical reasons to Switzerland, even if he went for his routine medical examination.

In recent months, Marcel Niat has very often left Cameroon for health reasons to Europe. He last returned to Cameroon on January 27,2020 from Switzerland where he spent some months.

For this reason he failed to participate during ceremonial vow presentation at the Unity Palace.

Nevertheless, after being re-elected for the umpteenth time in office, he presided over the  March 2020 senate session.

He could therefore as well miss the swearing in ceremony of Joseph Owona, a newly appointed member of the Constitutional Council appointed by the Head of State on April 17,2020.

The ceremony of the swearing in is scheduled for June 12,2020 at the  Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé.